A New Knob

January 25, 2013

I made a simple switch that made all the difference in our small laundry room. I replaced a boring knob with one that adds some pizazz to the space.


How cute is that knob? Also, how much do you love my chipped nail polish? Wait, don’t answer that. I found the cutie knob at Hobby Lobby, said “hello lover” and dropped it into my shopping cart in one hot second.

So, where am I going to use the new knob?

Our laundry room has a medicine cabinet directly opposite the washer and dryer, and the original knob was looking a little drab. We’re fairly certain the laundry room was once a powder room. I’d much rather have a laundry room off the kitchen instead of a powder room any day.


Hooray for simple updates! Soon I’ll show you the full room including paint color details and a full frontal of the new washer and dryer. Before that can happen, though, we’ve got to finish repairing the trim you see missing in the mirror’s reflection above. The projects are never ending around here….

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