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Our Bedroom: The In Between

January 23, 2013

As the fine folks over at Young House Love would say, “the middle makes no sense.” Amen, sister. I feel like we’re going to be in “the middle” for awhile over here at the blue house.

For instance, after a month of homelessness, we were so excited to stay in our new house that we slept on the floor. We set up our box springs and mattress in the floor of our master bedroom and camped for awhile.

Bed On Floor

That was lots of fun. We have a Sleep Number bed, so that’s why you see strange tubes coming out of our mattress. Since we were so ready to move in to the house, we really focused on getting our bedroom ready first.


Please notice the wrapping paper window coverings in the above photo. The previous homeowner left the paper in our closet, and it was the only thing we could find to cover our windows at night. I’m sad to admit that it stayed on our windows for nearly two weeks. It looked even better from the outside…

We’ve since been able to set up most of our furniture (and add blinds!) in this room. The trim is only about two-thirds of the way painted, and the doors haven’t been touched. But we’re making progress, and that’s what counts.


At least we’re no longer sleeping on the floor! I’m hoping to be able to show you some more progress shots of this room soon.

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