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The Blue House: Before Pictures

January 16, 2013

Life has been crazy around here, but things have slowed down enough for me to take some time to finally show you the before photos of our new house, affectionately known as “the blue house.”

Our New House

I showed you the house’s floor plan in this post, but feel free to reference the photo below if you get lost during the slew of pictures.

Floor Plan

Without further ado, let’s jump right in to the photos!

If you enter the house through the front door, you’ll land directly in the foyer, which is open on all sides. Looking into the living room, you’ll notice two convenient coat closets to either side. You’ll also notice some less than ideal light fixtures above.


The foyer opens directly in to the living room. The living room is a great size for us, and we can’t wait to use the wood burning fireplace!


You’ll notice in the MLS photo above that the living room looks directly into the sunroom. The sunroom is sure to soon become one of my favorite spots in the whole house!


In the floor plan post, I shared with you one of my favorite features of this house: the circular floor plan. Not only is the living room open to the foyer and sunroom, it also leads directly to the kitchen.


Following the circle path through the kitchen leads to the dining room. I’m so excited to finally have an actual dining space!


On the floor plan, you’ll notice that the master suite in this house is rather large. In addition to the ample bedroom, it also has its own bathroom and a walk-in closet. We’re sure to become so spoiled with all this new space.


The split plan allows the master suite to be completely separate from the rest of the bedrooms in the house. On the opposite end of the house are two bedrooms with a bathroom in between. So far, we’re loving the idea of the split plan layout.


That wraps up the before photos of the house. I didn’t include the laundry room or the garage, but I’m sure I’ll be sharing those spaces with you soon enough. All of the photos above are either MLS photos from the for sale listing or taken by me as soon as we took posession of the house. We didn’t edit any of the rooms before the pictures were taken, so these truly are before photos!

What do you think? I can’t wait to show you the updating we’ve been doing in here!