Month in Review

November 2012 Month in Review

December 7, 2012

I love writing these months-in-review posts. It’s so much fun for me to look back on the past month to see where I’ve been. I hope you enjoy the look back as much as I do!

I started off the month with a bang when I told you our house was under contract. In my humble opinion, the month could not have started out any better.

Once we were under contract, I knew I had to get organized for a successful move. So, I created a moving binder. I’m happy to report that it was a huge success, and I used it nearly every day during the month.


Our next house will have a room that I’ve been dreaming of for years: a dining room! I whipped up my first-ever mood board to share how I might decorate the new space.

We were so excited when the sale pending sign appeared in our yard! I may have been a bit more excited than Travis. He didn’t squeal with delight like I did.

Up next, I shared our moving plan. Moving is never fun or easy, but I did everything I possibly could to ensure a stress-free move.


Raise your hand if you love Sarah Richardson! I know my hand shot up into the air. In my next post, I compared the use of textiles in our first home after being super inspired by Ms. Richardson.


Just when you thought the tour of our first home was over, I shared with you our pitiful, little laundry space. I almost didn’t include it in the tour, but I really wanted to show the bad with the good. I know pretty soon I’ll be missing our first home fiercely, and, hopefully, thinking about this space will help me miss our first home a little less.

Next, I moved in a completely different direction and showed you a “Nashville”-inspired iPhone case I ordered. Here’s hoping it finds its way to our new address!


The tour of our first home concluded with a very long post showing the outside areas of our house. It was definitely a labor of love.

Since the furniture in our first house’s living room wouldn’t work in the new house, we were forced to purchase all new furniture. I know, twist my arm some more, right? This post details all the newness that we’ll grow to love in our new living room. It’ll be delivered next week, and you know I’ll show you all the goodness.

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The month wrapped up with us saying goodbye to our first home. It’s crazy that we began the month with the news of our house selling to ending the month saying goodbye. We’ve shared some awesome times in our first home. The last post of this month shared a lot of what we experienced under this roof.

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