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Getting Organized with a Christmas Binder

July 24, 2011

Since I promised myself I wouldn’t let Christmas creep up on me this year (read more about that promise here), I’ve been busy.

Christmas Binder

I’ve stared working on a few crafts and gifts, but my first priority was creating a binder to help keep me organized this Christmas season. The binder will have:

  • Pocket for receipts
  • Complete list of family members to buy for
  • Separate page for each person on list with ideas and already bought columns
  • Menu planners
  • Page for each event we attend
  • Blog ideas
  • Section for craft ideas/inspiration
  • Shopping Lists

So far, I have all of my family members in the binder with gift ideas, or things we’ve already purchased for them. We try to start buying Christmas gifts in July every year. This year, we’re off to a pretty good start.

I am so going to be ready for Christmas this year, and I’m even going to be able to enjoy myself along the way. Bonus!

p.s. There’s only 153 days until Christmas. Will you be ready?

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