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Weekend Recap: Fourth of July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

We had a blessedly relaxing weekend around here celebrating the birth of our great nation.

We hosted a small get together Saturday evening with family. It was super low key with just hamburgers and hot dogs from the grill. But it did give me an excuse to complete my 4th tablescape. Sort of.


I never found the flowers I wanted, but I did find the most perfect candy to fill my star dishes. Sixlets!

Who knew Party City had individually-packaged colored sixlets? Awesome and delicious!

Patriotic Sixlets

To see more of my tablescape, click here.

The husband spent most of Sunday morning cleaning out his truck. When we got back from vacation, he found an unfortunate surprise. Turns out he had left food in his truck while we were gone. He returned to the most righteous smell and spent all last week trying to eradicate it to no avail. Sunday morning, he pulled out the big guns and spent a couple hours cleaning every square inch of his F150.

The husband had no idea I took this photo until I went to write this post. Ha!

Guess we’ll see if it worked during the course of the week.

The husband did also manage one other productive task this weekend. He finally changed out the front door hardware! We bought the hardware a few weeks ago at Southeastern Salvage. They were having a sale on door hardware, and we were able to find exactly what we wanted for around $50. Way better than the $150 we were expecting to pay.

New Door Hardware

Sunday night we went to a friend’s house for another cookout. It was a very low key get together. There was even a homemade water slide. ☺

The husband and I were both off from work Monday in honor of Independence Day. We chose to spend the time together relaxing. I also may or may not have convinced the husband to go to Hobby Lobby so I could use two 20 percent off coupons. Sometimes being married really pays off.

While we were at Hobby Lobby, I got supplies to start several projects I can’t wait to show you.

Hobby Lobby

Monday was also spent with our two favorite furbabies.


Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!

P.S. I did not partake in the waterslide.

PPS The husband also did not partake in the waterslide.

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